• Project name: NextBill
  • Category: Web Application
  • Summary: Accounts & invoices management system for customs office
  • Launch date: 2023-09-29


NextBil Version 1.2 is a system designed to manage, archive, and organize accounts and invoices specifically tailored for a customs clearance office in Abu Dhabi. It also generates invoices and various required reports.

Basic techniques: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

Additional technologies: JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, MPDF, thesmarter/tafqeet

Description and Features:

1. A dashboard displaying a summary of daily system data, such as the number and value of invoices, sorting them by payment status, declaration numbers, vehicle counts, and more.

2. Storing invoice data and sorting it based on whether it's for entry into or exit from the country, and creating them in PDF format.

3. The ability to search for invoices by invoice number, vehicle number, statement number, driver's name, exporter's name, importer's name.

4. A page for modification requests that the system administrator can use to receive requests from employees who may make data entry errors.

5. Storing customer data and their account details, with the option to include them in the invoice.

6. Storing payments made by the office to specific entities or drivers as advances.

7. Recording office expenses for supplies and materials.

8. A dedicated page for application settings:

- Employee login accounts

- Control over invoice serial numbers, customer codes, payment voucher numbers, and more.

9. A section for reports generated in PDF format, including (accountant report, invoice report, returns report, customer report, payment report, expenses report).

10. The application supports a dark mode.

11. The application supports dual language (English & Arabic).

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