• Project name: TCC-Daraa
  • Category: Web application
  • Summary: College Data Management Web App
  • Launch date: 2022-06-10


A graduation project to manage the college and archive and store its data to help students and facilitate their access to the information they need.
The website was designed with a primary goal of assisting students in easily accessing their information, such as:
- Announcements posted by the institute.
- Course materials and lectures that students can download with a single click.
- Exam results through their exam ID only.
- Familiarizing themselves with the institute's faculty members.
- Communicating with the administration for suggestions and complaints.
To streamline and organize administrative tasks, as well as to reduce the likelihood of human errors, the web application also stores exam results and digitizes many administrative functions to keep up with advancements in technology. Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

Note: This is my first project, and it's natural for it to be filled with errors, but it's important to acknowledge them.

Attachment - demo

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